Posted by: Alan Pitts | October 31, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

In honor of Halloween today, here are some frighteningly cool photos of a spider I caught sneaking across the floor yesterday. I took these photos using my new USB digital microscope, that I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with.

In the above photo you can see 6/8 eyes, there are two more on top.

Here is the spider’s face maximum zoom.

There is something about those cold black eyes, mixed with the reflection of the circular LED light array on the microscope that makes this extra-creepy.  It almost looks like the face of some sort of cinema-inspired alien cyborg.

Here is a shot of the whole spider.

Judging by the markings and color I think this is probably a Wolf Spider and not a Brown Recluse, which are pretty dangerous. But I’m not sure, if there are any spider-people out there reading ( as in people who know about spiders, not people dressed as spiders, or alien cyborgs today for Halloween) maybe they could help out.

Here you can see all 8 menacing eyes, Two big ones on top, then two smaller eyes in the middle, then the row of 4 smaller eyes on the bottom.

This last one is with a sense of scale and hopefully makes this experience a little less frightening to see that it is actually relatively small – about the size of a penny (which actually still seems pretty big too me).

Happy Halloween !



  1. Tis indeed a wolf spider. Not too dangerous, although my wife got a nasty bite on the finger from one last summer when she reached into a bin of potting soil that had been sitting on the porch. You could distinctly see two fang marks for some time, and it stung pretty bad, but no lasting effect. The microscope impresses me.

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