Posted by: Alan Pitts | May 19, 2012

In and around Petersburg

Whoa. Geology Field camp is a lot of work, especially for this TA. Over the first few days I have barely found any time to write about my experiences here. The good news is that we are all still here and loving Ireland. From the students perspective, they have been jettisoned at least 5 time zones from their home, to a foreign country with little mapping experience and expected to map and describe rocks they have never seen. This has not been an easy first few days from them. From my perspective, they are doing a great job.

Here are a few pictures of the rocks and scenery around our facility, the Petersburg Outdoor Eduction Center in Clonbur, Ireland, County Galway.

View of Mt Gable and the driveway exiting the facility.

I really love the Center’s logo, I feel it really represents all that I love about this place; the mountains, forest, lake, and beautiful scenery. But if you really want to enjoy it, you gotta get your boots on the ground.

The shore of Lough Mask.

Egg-shell weathering of Limestone.

Fossils are quite plentiful in these Mississippian age, shallow marine sediments, like these crinoid stems

This last one is of my van, which I have been calling the “Flying Fortress”. Note; the “Coastal Self Drive” does not actually drive itself. I do, on the wrong side of the road. Yikes!



  1. Is there a place on the planet where the crinoids, the kings of the Mississippian Age did not flourish? We uncover crinoid stems similar to those, however we are hunting in Southern Indiana! Crazy how similar.

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