Posted by: Alan Pitts | June 3, 2012

Glacial mapping at Doo Lough

Here are a few photos from our 3-day Glacial Geomorphology field trip and mapping project at field camp in and around Connemara and South Mayo, Ireland.

This is what the camp faculty refer to as “Big Daddy” Cirque on the shore of DooLough. The lighting and cloud cover was really amazing that day.

Here is a look  down Doolough pass

Here is the group getting ready for a the trek up into the cirque.

Here you can see the prominent moraine which forms a very steep ridge made of glacial till.

Here is a look from on top of the moraine looking back down the hill. The reflection of the mountain in the lake almost appears to be a large gorge. I had a great conversation with some of the students imagining how exactly I  would parachute down into the gorge, if it were a gorge.

I like how you can see a tiny little delta forming at the mouth of the stream dumping sediment into Doo Lough.

This last one is of my little friend I met high up on the cirque walls.


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