Posted by: Alan Pitts | June 4, 2012

Glacial Striations

Here is a lovely striated and faceted clast that we encountered while on our 3-day glacial geomorphology project at field camp.

You can see that this clast was clearly worked by glacial action. The tiny striations are all carved into the rock by grinding against other smaller pieces of rock with in the glacier. Also, the rock has a really nice square shape to it, with faceted faces. This rock is nearly square as a brick, and shows all the signs of glacial sculpting.

Here is a quick annotation I drew to highlight the flat faceted faces and striations.



  1. Nice picture Alan. I like glacial geology. I was fortunate to go up the Batura valley in Pakistan back in the 90s, with a xerox copy of the glacial geology chapters from my textbook in my backpack. Terminal moraines, erratics, potholes, striation, polishing, plucking. Fascinating.

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