I am a life-long outdoor enthusiast and student at George Mason University completing my Bachelor’s degree in Geology.  I created this blog as a project for a class trip last spring.  But what it has become is a way for me to share what Ive learned in the field/class and to join and contribute to the fascinating online exchange of geoscience information.  I originally got into geology because I liked to be outside and I think being outside is what keeps me into geology.  For me its not just about the sunshine and beautiful scenery, its about a interaction with the Earth the bond that I form with the rocks and the stories they tell.  Nothing in my educational pursuit of geology or my recreational pursuit of outdoor fun really made sense until I found a way to link the two.  The format here is primarily driven by field geology, photography of locations I’ve visited, and hand samples Ive collected with some flora and fauna thrown in for fun.  Also, I like to do some basic aerial and Google Earth imagery analysis and I’m starting to play around with graphic design software.  I hope to use this blog as a way to 1) practice writing and developing my skills in communicating earth science ideas and concepts 2) apply what I’ve learned at the University to what I see in the field and 3) gain a better understanding of Virginia regional geology.

Welcome, and thanks for reading.



  1. Hi, Alan, I am a geology student as GMU, I met you last year during seminar about flysch deposits from the Apennines in Italy. I am going to see you again during our field camp in Camerino, so looking forward to that! Your blog here is really interesting, I am enjoying the read. Since you are so conversant with the local VA geology I wanted to ask you some questions/locations regarding a day field trip for our structure class. My email is rwarre10@gmu.edu. Thanks, Randy

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